The kambo treatment is done on an empty stomach. Shortly prior to the treatment the participant is required to drink a large amount of water.

The kambo practitioner then burns a few small dots on the skin of the participant with a small stick. The top layer of the skin with the dots is gently rubbed and kambo is applied to these dots so that it is absorbed through the body’s lymphatic system. After a few seconds the medicine circulates through the blood stream. The process can be quite intense. A warm sensation travels throughout the body as the heart rate increases. Swelling in the face might also occur. Kambo is not psychoactive and the experience is mostly physical.

Nausea builds up some minutes after the application and most often there is a need to purge. After this the effects quickly subside and the participant lays down to rest for a while. After resting half an hour or so, the participant feels fresh, clear and back to normal. [1][2]

Who can take kambo?

In most cases, kambo is completely safe, but with some conditions it is not recommended. Sometimes it depends on how far the disease has gone. The process is different for everybody and the treatment should be planned thereafter. For some the benefits come after one treatment while complicated conditions may take a set of treatments.

It’s important to consult a practitioner so that the course of illness can be evaluated and an appropriate treatment is offered.



  • People under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers with a baby under six months old
  • People with serious heart conditions, including by-pass
  • People taking medication for low blood pressure
  • People with a history of stroke, aneurysm, blood clot or hemorrhage
  • People lacking the mental capacity to decide upon taking Kambo
  • People with a history of psychiatric treatment or with serious mental illness need to discuss this beforehand
  • People taking immune suppressing medication following organ transplant
  • People with Addison disease
  • People with ongoing or severe epilepsy
  • People recovering from a serious surgical operation
  • People undergoing chemo-therapy treatment


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